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Cultural heritage and educational buildings - Building Management Systems


Training center of Air Traffic Services Authority – Bansko
Automation of air handling units and boiler station. Control and maintenance of water parameters in swimming pool.
DDC system Excel 500 – standard modules Station XBS – 500 points
Cathedral “Saint Alexander Nevski”
Automation of air handling units.
DDC system Excel 500 – standard modules
Cathedral “Saint Alexander Nevski”
Автоматизация на системите за климатизация на кубетата    (в периода на позлатяване).
Модулна DDC система Excel 500
National Stadium ‘’Vasil Levski’’ - Sofia
Automation of air handling units supplies fresh air in each sport halls. Control of main and emergency lighting.
DDC system Excel 500 – standard + LON distributed modules DDC system Excel 50 Station XBS (LAN based) – 2000 points
Training TV studio TATFIZ
Автоматизация на климатична инсталация и водоохлаждащ агрегат
Конвенционална система – Micronik 200
National theatre “Ivan Vazov”
Автоматизация на системите за вентилация и климатизация в залите.
Диспечеризация и контрол на регулируемите параметри и управляваните съоръжения
DDC система Excel 50
Графична станция Citect (OPC базирана) –
255 точки
Internet Display Client
English - American school – “Pancharevo”
Automation of air handling units, chiller plant and boiler station. Individual room control.
DDC system Excel 500 Conventional System – CM67
University of national and world economy
Automation of air handling units
DDC system CAREL  
Anglo-American School of Sofia phase 3
Automation of heat generation and distribution plant
Real time building’s heath demand calculation process, based on collected data from air handling units and individual room control system in accordance to the outside air temperature measurement
Automation of air handling and climatisation units
Individual room air temperature control system
CO2 levels control for all class and meeting rooms
Total energy management (energy consumption data collecting, archiving and daily, monthly and annual reports generation)
Measurement of water, diesel fuel and electrical power consumption
Control of the solar system
Photovoltaic panels control
Management and visualisation of water treatment strategy of the building
Execution of documentation for LEED standardisation process
Photovoltaic panels control
SMS alarming

DDC system Honeywell CentraLine
Visualisation CentraLine ArenaAX
Integration of el. meters ModBus
Integration of Regin from phase 2 ModBus
Integration of heat meters MBus