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About Us


Scope of activity:
Building Automation Systems (BAS)/Building Management Systems (BMS)
» Consultations and support
» Research and design
» Delivery
» Mounting , commissioning and start-up
» Service

Application area:
Regulaton and controll functions of:
» Air handling units (AHU)
» Ventilation systems
» Heating installations
(district heating substations, solar and chiller/heat pump systems)
» Heat and chilled water distribution systems
» Electricity and lighting system
» Water plants
» Fire interlocks

System and technical solutions:
» Controllers stand-alone
» DDC controllers for stand-alone operation, dial-up and network communication
» BMS (Building Management System)

Integration platforms:
» Integration third party products based on standard communication protocols - BACnet, TCP/IP, LonMark, EIB/KNX, DALI, OPC etc.

IT technologies:
» Appliance of modern technologies like Web, XML, SOAP etc. using existent and new constructed LAN/WAN frameworks

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BMS Engineering
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1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

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